Grams Infratech Pvt.Ltd

An uneven road not only takes the sheen out of smooth riding pleasure but also deprive you of good health. This is besides the damage of the vehicles. Taking a cue out of this grave situation and central as per the directives from the government of India, Grams Infratech Private Limited, a Nagpur (India) based innovative company, went all out in creating a machine. This pothole repairing system using the cutting edge seal coating technology is capable of repairing the pothole almost instantaneously.

Manufactured with the technical know-how from American Pressure-sensitive Technology (PST) is an integrated technology involving hydraulics, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Right from preparation of the area of repair to the Asphalt mixing, heating, pouring, levelling, and even polishing is all done automatically with speed so far unheard of. We have approval from various authorities and, at the same time, applause from the public as well.

Our expertise and experience spanning over almost two decades in premix asphalt, of course, paved the way for this logical expansion of the instant pothole repairing arena using PST. We are really excited to be part of the Make in India campaign "by offering the unique Seal coating repair services in the right earnest. The salient features of this cutting edge technology are:

  • India's first machine of the kind explicitly focussing on local conditions.
  • Emission-free and environmentally friendly
  • Even thickness with interlocking bond
  • Backed by reliable and dedicated technologists
  • Bound to be a solution provided for a ‘Pothole free India.'
  • Delays the re-carpeting process considerably.
  • Considerable overall saving
  • Suitable for different road conditions here and abroad.

We, Grams Infratech Pvt.Ltd, based in Nagpur are committed to improving the transport sector to a new level. Our efforts paved the way for many organisations to take note of the latest development in seal coating repair. As pioneers, we dedicate ourselves to redefining the safe and secure drive for years to come.