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First time in India Inssta Road Pachr SPV Guaranteed InsstaPattch PST Refill Machine Repaired Potholes

Inssta Road Pachr a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a unique dispensing mechanism conceived and innovated first in India for Machine Repaired Potholes based on World's no.1 American Pressure Sensitive Technology for instant pothole repairs. InsstaPattch premix asphalt is indigenously developed with a track record of 15 years and made in India on pressure sensitive technology (PST) and also technically evaluated and accredited by Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), IRC, MoRTH, BRO, Railways, PWD and many local bodies.

The salient features of PST technology is environmental friendly, no emissions and no heating. Scientific formulated ingredients are coated on 6mm and 20mm aggregates for guaranteed interlock bonding of material in pothole after compaction

Inssta Road Pachr SPV is a revolutionary concept with InsstaPattch PST premix asphalt material and manufactured on state of art facilities by Grams Infratech (I) Private Limited after consistent research and technological innovation visualizing # POTHOLE FREE INDIA and also to present a model of Integrated Pothole Solution to support global infrastructure development and maintenance of potholes on roads.

Inssta Road Pachr SPV has an advantage to control conversions of small pothole into big pothole. Machine Repaired Potholes with latest PST technology has the potential to repair even small pothole by discharging less quantity of InsstaPattch asphalt and allow traffic to free flow immediately after repairs.

The established logic behind repair of tiny small pothole is to arrest further damages to surrounding areas and to save on extra expenditure, otherwise would have been incurred on repair of inflated damages. The timely repair of Potholes increases the life of existing pavement and postponing recarpeting of roads by 2-3 years until the allocation of budget.

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A pothole is a type of failure in an asphalt pavement. Potholes form when moisture collects in small holes and cracks in an asphalt road surface and seeps into its lower layers.

As temperature fluctuates, the moisture freezes and thaws, expanding and contracting, which weakens the roadway and cracks the pavement. With the weight of cars trucks, the road surface becomes increasingly damaged and eventually breaks apart, resulting in a POTHOLE. “The bigger potholes get, the faster they grow” said Mr. Michael Calkins, AAA'S Manager of technical services Oregon. “If you catch it while it's small the repair is easier and the potential for it to grow and the risk of damage to vehicles is reduced.”