A Step Ahead for Safer India

Two incidents of fatal accidents in life shocked us and realized the trauma faced on loss of precious life of a family member and also repairable loss to the society. The day itself decided to dedicate our InsstaPattch premix asphalt to Nation. InsstaPattch is pioneered on PST technology for instant repair of Potholes and pavements and giving relief to the commuters and bring happiness in human life.

To make Safe India, there was a need of Integrated Pothole Solution by dispensing mechanism to discharge insstapattch on spot of pavement. After continuous research in a year, team of young engineers discovered a compact design of Inssta Road Pachr SPV on cab, developing material discharge system to pour directly into pothole and pavements. The Inssta Road Pachr machine is ideal and suitable in networking to eliminate Potholes in various part of India.

Revolutionary Inssta Road Pachr SPV has huge potential to generate employment opportunities for young engineers and entrepreneurs and also to create enterprise development opportunities in transforming real # POTHOLE FREE INDIA

Inssta Road Pachr SPV will substantially contribute in increasing country's GDP. According to study by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), road traffic accidents cost India nearly 3 percent of its Gross Domestic Products (GDP), a year or, in absolute terms, about $ 58000 million.

Inssta Road Pachr SPV machine supported by Guaranteed Insstapattch PST Refill is globally a first unique combination of technology and engineering is made in India as Integrated Pothole Solution to repair Potholes and restriction in further damages to pavement in highways, rural and urban roads through our authorized associates and applicators in India. The combination works in extreme weather conditions like summer, winter and rainy seasons and suitable for pothole repair across India.


Inssta Road Pachr SPV is the only machine which is compatible with specialized PST technology premix asphalt insstapattch and built as Integrated Pothole Solution which allows the machine to deliver MACHINE REPAIRED POTHOLES and high capacity and coverage of volume with robotic dispensing mechanism rotating conveyor facility to discharge aggregates and PST asphalt and save on operating cost.

Inssta Road Pachr SPV machine prepares the area of defect and cut it into square or rectangular shape for better performance, and air blow the dust and clean debris, spray emulsion if required as per site condition to the pothole base and then discharge raw and emulsified aggregates from hopper as bottom layer to pavement and after compaction of poured material a top layer of insstapattch PST premix asphalt is poured through self propelled pouring chute and final compaction with inbuilt plate compactor or vibratory rollers for excellent result of Machine Repaired Potholes.


  • Insstapattch is a proprietary premix coated metal of size6-10mm aggregates. The surface of aggregate are securely masked with a scientific formulation of pressure sensitive polymers and cross linking chemicals and specially treated asphalt.
  • Material produced with PST technology does not require heating and mixing at site like hot mix which discharge emissions and damage environment.
  • InsstaPattch has the unique advantage of bulk storage as the stuff packed in 25 kg polybags has the shelf life of 2 years of manufacturing.
  • The stored material can control the damages to roads and repairs pothole instantly once taken to site with hassle free application of InsstaPattch.
  • Formulation of InsstaPattch PST invented has the best usage in all weather conditions below 10C and 60C (wet or dry). PST material can work parallel in rainy season where all other technologies surrenders.
  • The elasticity of InsstaPatch absorbs vibrations on roads, bridges, tunnel, and level crossing and does not crack.
  • Technological acceptability of InsstaPattch stops deteriorations of roads as you have the product available right now which can repair smallest size of potholes also, before developing the same into large size as no hot mix material can be brought to site for small repairs.
  • The preventive and timely application and repair of potholes increase the life of existing roads and have advantage of postponing recarpeting by another 2-3 years and saving in terms of huge recurring expenditures.


  1. Exclusive Compartment for storage of InsstaPattch PST Premix asphalt and coated 20mm aggregate for pouring into potholes and trapezoidal hopper of 3m3 capacity for storing plain aggregate.
  2. Centralized displacement hopper for dispensing of InsstaPattch PST Premix asphalt.
  3. Hydraulic rotation and hydraulic movement single conveyor system connected with pneumatic discharge chute for direct powering on spot.
  4. Vibration roller and plate compactor which is stored in special enclosure.
  5. Stand by power 15 KVA Diesel generator for operating electrical equipment.
  6. Centralized hydraulic system with dedicated steel and flexible piping attached fluid pump fitted with Power Take Off (PTO) unit of main Engine for all hydraulic drives
  7. Air compressor with tank, auto shut off and safety switch with nylon tubing wiring upto each pneumatic cylinder.
  8. Height adjustor pneumatic cylinder for conveyor discharge chute.
  9. Hydraulic powered as well as electrical powered hammers breaker.
  10. Hydraulic oil tank 60ltr. Capacity diesel tank 100ltr. And Emulsion storage tank of nominal 50ltrs. Capacity
  11. Control cousole panel is fitted for electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic operation near operator chair.
  12. Centralized surveillance security cameras with HD monitor and Traffic safety light.
  13. Motorized charging bucket system for filling aggregate storage hopper.
  14. Auto Air Relief Valve/Switcher.
  15. Emulsion tack coat spray at normal temperature without any heating source.
  16. Tool Box and First Aid Kit


  1. Eco Friendly as there is no emission of any hazard gases and no heating system used in Potholes Repairs
  2. Potholes can be repaired in extreme weather conditions in summer, winter & rainy season easily hence INSSTA ROAD PACHR SPV is capable to repair road potholes throughout the year.
  3. ROAD PACHR SPV has a unique feature to carry hassle free repairs of small tiny size potholes to large size and hence no limitation of any size of potholes.
  4. ROAD PACHR SPV can dispense Paving and pre-coated filler material at discharge rate of 2000kg to 5000kg per hours.
  5. ROAD PACHR SPV and its allied equipment can patch 200 sqm of Pothole area in one day with Pilot operator and 4-5 workers Advantage : Quality to maintain and extend the life of existing road infrastructure across the country.
  6. Advantage : Quality to maintain and extend the life of existing road infrastructure accross the country.